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St Saviour’s Church, Brockley Rise, Forest Hill, SE23, London SE23 1EG


Above: Our Scout Hut

About Us

If you think Scouting’s just about knots, woggles and big shorts, then be prepared to be surprised. It’s how Richard Branson, Barack Obama and David Beckham got their start in life and you can benefit too.

The 11th Forest Hill is a busy and vibrant scout group in the heart of Honor Oak. We have a beaver colony, cub pack, scout troop and an explorer section all of which have a varied and exciting programme of activities.

Our Beavers and Cubs meet on a Wednesday whilst our Scouts and Explorers meet on a Friday. We are fortunate to be able to meet in our our own purpose built scout hut.

Beavers (6–8 years old)

Cubs (8-10½ years old)

Scouts (10½–14 years old)
Explorers (14 + years old)

Meeting Times

Beavers- Wed 6pm-7pm

Cubs- Wed 7:15pm-8:30pm

Scouts- Fri 7:30 pm-9:30pm
Explorers - Fri times vary depending on activities

Contact us

Telephone: 07740768918

E-mail: 11thforesthillscoutgroup@gmail.com  

Address: The Scout Headquarters • St. Saviour’s Church • Herschell Road • Forest Hill • London • SE23 1EX


Activity Letters

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COVID 19 Update:

Distance Scouting Guides 

You will find guides to some common badges that you can complete at home (more can be found on the Scouting Association's website). There is also a spreadsheet for each section so that you can record the badges you have completed-- so we can order and distribute them. 

The London South County Team have also created some unique badges that can be earnt during the pandemic. You can find details for each badge on the South London Scouts website https://southlondonscouts.org.uk/members-area/programme/home-adventures please update the spreadsheet on our google pages with the badges you have acheived.

Beavers:  https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1_-jcudcY0WBu1cuaCxRQyHps0XngY1RV?usp=sharing
Cubs: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1QKP-Czhpkyze9medZFr6uNrCDvF5PetF?usp=sharing
Scouts: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1yfTzRwSCiha5LLO1KEIVn6cVkzrGAE0Q?usp=sharing 

What we've got planned

 ***** Please note that all sessions are cancelled until further notice*****






Mar 18th

 AGM & family quiz night!

Sun Mar 21st

  Church Parade- Mothering Sunday

Mar 25th & 27th

Local History/Blythe Hill Fields visit

Local History/Blythe Hill Fields visit

Local History/Blythe Hill fields visit




Apr 29th & May 1st

Parent led Night

Parent led Night

British Library Visit


May 6th & 8th

Pets at Home

Pets at Home

Bank Holiday

Sun May 10

Church Parade – Christian Aid & Annual Auction of Promises!

Church Parade – Christian Aid & Annual Auction of Promises!

Church Parade – Christian Aid & Annual Auction of Promises!

May 13th &15th

Water sports

Water sports

Water sports


May 20th &22nd

Committee Meeting

May 27th & 29th

Half Term

June 3rd & 5th

Camp Fire Lighting @Fort

Camp Fire Lighting @Fort

Camp Fire Lighting @Fort


June 10th & 12th

Art Gallery

Art Gallery

Art Gallery


June 17th & 19th





June 24th & 26th

Olympics Night

Olympics Night

Olympics Night


Sun June 28th

Annual Summer Fete



Summer Break

Sep 23rd & 25th





Sun 4th Oct

Group Hike




Oct 7th &9th

Map Reading

Map Reading

Map Reading


Sun Oct 11th

Church Parade – Harvest Festival


October 14th & 16th

Pen Games



Summer Fete

Don't miss out on our annual Summer Fete, which takes place on Sunday the 25th of June. There will be live music, acts, stalls, activities, food and even some craft beers and wines. A great way to spend a sunny afternoon.



In each section there are a variety of badges available: activity badges (which are earned for learning about a specific skill or activity) and challenge badges (which are about changing the way you think about things).

To find out about beaver badges follow this link


To find out about cub badges follow this link


to find out about scout badges follow this link





The Big Adventure

‘I wasn't involved in Scouting until someone asked me and I jumped at the chance. Adventure isn't just for young people or those of us already wearing neckerchiefs; it's for everyone. There's lots of talent among our 800,000 parents. Let's bring some of that into Scouting. Just ask - that's all it takes.’

Bear Grylls - Chief Scout

Why help?

There are many reasons why adults choose to volunteer for Scouting. Here are some that existing volunteers have given:

  • To give something back to the community: ‘I believe the kids get such a lot out of it; I just put a bit back for what the kids take out.’
  • To support the Leaders: ‘They give so much, you’ve got to give some of that back.’
  • Because volunteering is a ‘good thing’: ‘I just personally believe that you should always do some kind of voluntary work…otherwise nothing would get done in this world.’
  • As an enabler, so the Leader can do more:‘If I can help Sam, our Leader, out by doing the little things, then it means she has got more time to give the kids and then they get more out of it.’
  • To spend more quality time with your child:‘David used to go on his PlayStation2 while I read the paper after school and work – now we get a chance to do activities together.’
  • To develop your own skills: ‘I hadn’t used a compass since I was a Scout. After I learned how to use one again, I take one out on family walks. We get lost less than we used to!’
  • To enjoy and rediscover adventure for yourself: ‘We had a water fight at Beavers the other week, it was great!’